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Capital Campaign: It’s In the Water

What does Old Town Hot Springs mean to our Community?


Old Town Hot Springs is currently in the midst of a capital campaign to raise $6 million dollars for the essential reconstruction and improvement of the lap pool and kiddie play area. The hot pools will NOT be part of the reconstruction.


Pending funding, we plan to break ground in late summer of 2023.


As Routt County’s only public swimming pool, it’s imperative that the reconstruction of the lap pool occurs to ensure that there is a public swimming pool for generations to come. Old Town Hot Springs pools support the Steamboat Swim Team, swimming lessons, master swimming, aquatic physical therapy, aquatic group exercise, and recreation fun! The lap pool hasn’t been updated since the 1980’s and the footprint hasn’t changed since the 1960’s.


We need your help! Since 1935, Old Town Hot Springs has served as the city’s recreation center at no cost to the City. Old Town Hot Springs is a 501(c)(3). Unlike many similar communities, no public money supports operations and all of the services are provided to the community at no cost to the taxpayers

What’s the Plan?


The capital campaign “It’s In the Water” will fund the essential reconstruction of the lap pool and kiddie splash area and will result in five new pools for swimming, programs, and recreation. None of the existing hot pools will be impacted and we plan for them to stay open throughout the construction.

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Pat Carney – Project Manager


A 25-yard, four to ten foot depth, eight-lane pool with gutters and a diving board. This pool will be youth competition regulation.


A shallow-depth and warmer lap pool to meet the diverse needs of the community through swim lessons, aquatic therapy, low-impact exercise, and aquatic group exercise classes.


A new and improved zero-depth play zone with slides, interactive splash fixtures, and shade for families. Located on the upper deck above the hot pools and next to the lawn. This splash pad will become the only seasonal pool we have and will be open in the summer.


An additional hot soaking pool will support the growing demand of the hot springs.


The existing waterslide plunge pool will now become an additional hot soaking pool with benches for relaxing. The waterslide will be rerouted to the community pool area.


Donations of all sizes will help the Old Town Hot Springs Capital Campaign. Zoe Elkins donated the contents of her piggy bank as the first “Kids who love the Pool” donor.

Identified Priorities of the Pool Renovation


Swimming Lessons

Swimming is an important life skill as every day 10 Americans on average will drown. Old Town Hot Springs has long recognized the benefit of giving the town access to swimming lessons and each year more than 90 group sessions take place in our water with many more private and semi-private lessons provided. Old Town Hot Spring has over the years provided lessons to disadvantaged youth or those without the financial ability to pay. As tourism and memberships have increased it has become harder to find space for all lessons. Swimming lessons will remain a priority at the facility and this renovation plans to improve the space for teaching this important life skill.


Recreation Fun Water

Staying true to its roots as a community gathering place for the residents and visitors of Steamboat Springs, recreation fun water has always been a priority at Old Town Hot Springs and the ability to provide a safe, family friendly location for youth, their families and others to enjoy is an important priority. Currently, recreation fun water competes with other priorities including space for lap swimming, swimming lessons, group exercise classes and more. Part of this renovation is expected to take a look at the water slides to determine if a more constructive and efficient use of that space can be achieved, freeing up valuable water for other activities.


Aquatic Group Exercise Classes

One of the most unique aspects of our fitness facility is the ability to offer group exercise classes year round in the hot spring-fed water. Group exercise classes have proven to be a highly motivating factor in getting individuals to come exercise and consistently stick to an exercise habit. Group exercise classes provide a fun, encouraging and social dynamic that often becomes the highlight of many individual’s days. Furthermore the ability to hold an exercise class in water versus an exercise studio provides a low impact aspect that allows individuals with limited mobility or injuries to participate.


Lap Swimming

Lap swimming is an important part of many individuals’ health and wellness routines and is extremely popular at the facility. Furthermore the Steamboat Springs Swim Team calls Old Town Hot Springs home. With no high school swim team in Steamboat Springs, Old Town Hot Springs is the only place local youth can get involved with competitive swimming.


Therapy Water

Old Town Hot Springs has recognized the importance of water as it relates to rehabilitation of injuries and those with limited mobility. In addition to group exercise classes benefiting from this, physical therapists have begun using the water at Old Town Hot Springs as part of their patients’ visits and therapy services.

In late 2018, Old Town Hot Springs began a partnership with UCHealth at Yampa Valley Medical Center. The organization now has a satellite office for their SportsMed physical therapy department at Old Town Hot Springs and staffs physical therapists at various times throughout the week who take advantage of the water.

Want to Dive In Deeper?

Click below to read our in-depth Case for Support.

Campaign Committee

  • Pat Carney – OTHS Project Manager, Executive Director (1975 – 2017)
  • Stephanie Orozco – OTHS Executive Director
  • Patti Worsley – SSST Head Swim Coach
  • Vanessa Cory – OTHS Marketing Director
  • Kathy Iversen – OTHS Board Member
  • Roberta Smith – OTHS Board Member
  • Karen Waeschle – OTHS Board Member
  • Eileen Allen
  • Niffy Bube
  • Penny Fletcher
  • Dave Franzel
  • Becky Lamb
  • Kari Nelson
  • Audrey Reil
  • Barb Shipley
  • Sheri Steiner

OTHS needs to expand!

“As I become more involved in Old Town Hot Springs, I’m reminded what a treasure this unique community gathering place is for the people of Steamboat and its visitors. As a nonprofit, the growth and future of OTHS is 100% dependent upon ongoing participation, support and contributions from our community. The hot mineral spring pools have been here — in one form or another — for over 100 years and I feel a strong sense of civic responsibility to preserve their legacy.
With your support and vital contributions, we can fulfill our vision and expand the OTHS facilities to meet the growing needs of our active, thriving community.”

Jack Trautman, OTHS Board of Directors