Weekday: 6am-9pm Weekend: 7am-9pm

It is the purpose of Old Town Hot Springs to provide a safe, friendly, family atmosphere for our members and guests. It is essential to the enjoyment of our patrons that a non-threatening, pleasant atmosphere be maintained and that the behavior of a patron not be allowed to disrupt the experience of others. In an effort to meet this goal, we have implemented the following Code of Conduct for facility usage. Please note that the staff will implement a zero tolerance policy when dealing with any conduct and/or behavior concerns in this facility. There will be different sanctions depending on the offense.

  • Anyone fighting will be automatically ejected from the facility.
  • Lack of respect for Old Town Hot Springs staff.
  • Not obeying posted rules in the facility.
  • Abuse of any Old Town Hot Springs equipment or property.
  • Theft or vandalism.
  • Not paying to use Old Town Hot Springs.
  • Trash talking, taunting or verbal intimidation, and foul language are not acceptable under any circumstances.
  • Any action interfering with the ability of the staff to provide a safe, family environment.
  • Inappropriate activity of a sexual nature will not be tolerated.

The Steamboat Springs Police Department will be contacted for any cases which disrupt or interfere with staff decisions and actions.

Thank you for your cooperation with our efforts to maintain our facility as a safe, friendly, and enjoyable place for all guests and members of all ages.