Weekday: 6am-9pm Weekend: 7am-9pm

Old Town Hot Springs has an approximately 37 foot climbing wall as part of its gym. The climbing wall is included with the cost of membership or daily admission pass to our fitness center.

Climbing Information

  • We are currently have auto-belay climbing, as well as top rope climbing*.
  • There are no age requirements to use the wall, although participants must be between 25 and 310 lbs. per auto belay system guidelines.
  • Children under 10 years old must have an adult remain with them while they climb. the climbing wall room is not intended to be used as a replacement for daycare while parents use the facility.
  • Closed-toed shoes are required. Climbing shoes are available to rent.

*Top rope climbing is available for individuals, age 10+, who can pass the top rope test with our climbing assistant. Please see below for information on our Top Rope Belay Course.

Weekly Climbing Classes

Old Town Hot Springs offers a weekly Tuesday night climbing class that rotates in topic each week. Classes are $10 for members and $25 for guests (includes full facility access as well).

Sign up on the Members Portal. If you are a guest, use the Guest Portal or call the Front Desk at 970-879-1828.

1st Tuesday of Each Month  6pm – 7:30pm
Top Rope Belay Class

  • Participants will learn how to properly tie in and belay during this hour and a half-long safety course.  Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be able to use the top ropes during the open climb.  All equipment is provided by OTHS.

2nd Tuesday of Each Month  6pm – 7:30pm
Climbing for Beginners

  • Participants will learn the fundamentals of climbing; putting on a harness, clipping into the auto-belay, selecting appropriate routes, and getting comfortable with the auto-belay. If you have never climbed before or it has been a while since you have climbed, this course will get you up to speed quickly and give you the confidence to tackle the wall.

3rd Tuesday of Each Month  6pm – 7:30pm
Rotating Specialty Class

  • In this weekly rotating specialty class, learn a new climbing skill such as rappelling, lead climbing, or slacklining. You must be top-rope certified at OTHS.

4th Tuesday of Each Month  6pm – 7:30pm
Climbing for Intermediates

  • Ready to advance your climbing skills? This class will teach you intermediate movements and techniques to immediately improve your skills. Our climbing staff will provide personalized tips based on your movements, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • You must be top rope certified at OTHS, able flash 5.8 (climb it first try), and age 12+. to attend these classes.

Sign up on the Members Portal. If you are a guest, use the Guest Portal or call the Front Desk at 970-879-1828.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday
10am – 6pm

Saturday – Sunday
12pm – 8pm

Adult Only Climb (age 15+)
6pm – 8pm

*The climbing wall is only open during staffed hours.


You must sign a waiver before using the climbing wall and youth are required to have a parent or guardian sign a waiver. Please use the button below to complete your waiver. You can sign it now for your child if someone else will be bringing them to our facility.