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Our Supporters

These are the generous donors who have made it possible to support the health and wellness of our community through our capital campaign improvement projects. We are so grateful!

Pinnacle – $500,000 -$1 MILLION AND ABOVE

UCHealth YVMC Foundation

Mt Zirkel – $250,000-$499,999

City of Steamboat

Flattops – $100,000-$249,999

Janet and Tim Borden
Heidi and Shafer Henry
Kathy and Brad Iversen
Elaine and Doug Wilwerding
Karen Waeschle and Dave Zink
Craig Scheckman Family Foundation
Daniels Fund
Lennox Foundation

Elk Mountain – $50,000-$99,999

Patti Adell and Jeff Sussman
Mardi and Brown Cannon
James Crawford
Mary Ann and John Duffey
BJ Heuberger
Anita and Jack Trautman
Gates Family Foundation
The Russell and Tina Sherlock Charitable Fund

Hahn’s Peak – $25,000-$49,999

Pat Carney
Barb Moore and Bob Dowski
Carrie and John Hayden
Sharron Hunt
Becky and Larry Lamb
Susan and Jim Larson
Guy and Jennifer Loughridge
Anne and Rich Lowe
Barbara Bouquet and Edward J Robison
Mary and Curt Weiss
Pam and Steve Williams
Alpine Bank
HLCC Construction Company
Kettering Family Philanthropies

Buffalo Pass – $10,000-$24,999

Eileen and Lon Allen
Debbie and John Aragon
Carol and Russ Atha
Heidi and Hans Berend
Gina and Greg Biagi
Jill and Cam Boyd
Pat and Martin Craighead
Stephen and Joanne Downes
Susan Dreska
Judith and Dr. Bill Emerson
Rick Erb
Penny Fletcher and Fred Fuller
Stacy and Mark Genereux
Julie Green
Gordon Hattersley
Kerry and Travis Holmquist
Beth Findell and Sandy Horner
Sarah and Sam Jones

Jamie and David Lamb
Linda and Henry Laughlin
Jill and Jim Leary
Linda and Les Liman
Ed and June MacArthur
Tammy Miller
Mary O’Connor and Tom Schlicht
Michelle and Michael Osterman
Karen and Kip Parks
Carolina and Dave Pettigrew
Lori and Jim Steinberg
Jack Sprengle
Kristin and George Strompolos
Michael Wright
Atmos Energy
Bloom Family Foundation
McCreight Progressive Dentistry
Mountain Valley Bank
Rabbit Ears Motel
Rowe Family Foundation
Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation

Emerald Mountain – $5,000-$9,999

Leslie and Blaise Carrig
Emily Conjura
Margery Doppelt and Larry Rothman
Loryn and Ryan Duke
DJ Edwards
Karen Finnegan
Anne and Dave Hood

Maria and Chris Kaminski
Jim and Wallie Morris Family
Kari Nelson
Jane and Bud Romberg
Roberta and Paul Smith
Adrienne and Steven Southworth
Anne Warhover
Kathleen and Craig Wasserman

Lily Lewis and Chad Whitaker
Patti and Tom Zehner
Aquatic Resources, LLC
Bella Vista Estate/Abby Schissler
McCreight Progressive Dentistry
Northwestern Supplies
Steamboat Architectural Associates
Steamboat Radio
Yampa Valley Bank

Sand Mountain – $1,000-$4,999

Tammy and John Adams
Scott Alperin
Dianna Anderson
Teresa Audesirk
Carol Baily
Nancy Barrows Gray
Kelly Becker
Alan Belvo
Paul Berge
Margaret Berglund
Sue Birch
David and Missy Boone
Ryan Bramwell
Bettina and Rex Brice
Chresta and Paul Brinkman
Barbara and Jim Bronner
Glory and Mike Burns
Madeleine and Grant Burrough
Fred Castaldo
Traci Coy
Christine Cressey
Ronnie Crowley
Laura Cusenbary and Dan Sturges, Wells Fargo Advisors
Matt Cutts
Gretchen Daley
Valerie Davia and Warren Luce
Lois and James Davidson
Jessie Daw
Anne and Ed DeGroff
John DeWardt
Eileen and Chris Diamond
Mark Drake
Sally and Ross Dyer
Shelby Dulin
Audrey Earley
Audrey and Bob Enever
Alicia and Edward Eppler
William Feiges
Bridget and Paul Ferguson
Soniya and Frank Fidler

Andrea and Robert Forster
Kent and Katrina Fredrickson
Susan and Bill Friesell
Russ Garrity
Elaine Gilbertson
Nancy Barrows Gray
Sharon Greatbatch
Lorraine and Steve Green
Jackie Grimaldi
Gail Haight
Anne Halverson
Susan Handloff and Bert Halberstadt
Chad Hare
Wendy and Brian Harvey
Barb Hendricks
Amy and John HIllenbrand
Donna Mae Hoots
Susie and Mike Holloran
Laurie and Dan Ivanoff
Colleen de Jong
Kent Jordan
Libby de Juan
Peggy and Harold Kamins
Leila and Brad Kruelskie
Mary and Peter Kurtz
Kim and Dan Lemmer
Linda and Les Liman
Scott Lewer
Lily Lewis and Chad Whitaker
Janet and Keith Liefer
Cameron Lindsay
Newell Linford
Jim Lob
Andria Lopez
Emily and Clay Lovett
Linda and David Lund
Cindy Scott MacGray
Dr. Alex Meininger
Donna Meitus
Deidre and Rick Mewborn
Susan Mizen

Debbie and Stephen Modzelewski
Danielle and Rob Mohn
Sidney Moon
Susan Noble
Lisa and Brian Olson
Orozco Family
Katherine Osborne Valdez
Troy Pohlman
Tom Porth
Sarah and Bob Pruett
Lori Read
Paul Reynolds
Vicki Reynolds
Sydney and Matt Richeda
Peter Roche
Jane and Bud Romberg
Will Routt
Pam and Tom Ruehle
Chris Rundell
Cynthia Saer
Gwen and Scott Sanwick
Kiela Schad Family Fund
Suzanne Schlicht
Judy and Tom Schwall
Carol and Steve Sehnert
John Sherrill/Mountain West Environments, Inc.
Barb and John Shipely
Susan Shoemaker
Heidi and Doug Shurtleff
Roberta and Paul Smith
Stephanie Smith
Sheri Steiner
Laura Stout
Adrienne Stroock
Amy and Arnold Swartz
Gary Suiter
Sally Testrake
Toni and Bill Thomson
Louise and George Thornton
Craig Tolliver

Jacque Torrens
Nancy Young and Tom Traynor
Beth and Ken Walsh
Barb Walz
Jonathan Warkentin
Barb Williams
Holly and Dave Williams
Barbi and Pete Wither
The Wither Family
Karen Wogsland
Stuart Woodward
Wade Wykert
Liza Yeager
Chuck Kettering Memorial Endowment of the Yampa Valley Community Foundation
Colorado Event Rentals
Colorado Group Realty
Fox Construction
Giovonni Construction
High Point Roofing
Holiday Inn
Honey Stinger
Klauzer & Tremaine, LLC
Landmark Consultants
Moving Mountains
Red Tail Charitable Fund
Routt County
Ski Town, USA Morning Rotary Club
Sounds of the Valley Audiology
Steamboat Ace Hardware
Steamboat Pilot and Today
Steamboat Select Insurance
Steamboat Sotheby’s
The Green Company
THPK, Inc.
Walmart Corporation
Wells Fargo Bank
Yampa Valley Community Foundation
Yampa Valley Medical Center
Zumba Class

Mt Werner – $1 – $999

Adonna Allen
Robin and Tod Allen
Susan and Doug Allen
Pearson and Adam Alspach
Bruce Alston
Mary Armbruster
Darlinda and David Baldinger
Emily Bayton
Alicia Beard
William Bedell
Nancy Conjura & Mike Bell
Rachel Bellis
Alex Berger
Sophie and Mark Berkley
Susie and Ken Bird
Caroline Boyle
Anne and Kurt Brown
Sherry Brown
Chris and Niffy Bube of Steamboat Ski Town Real Estate
Kimberly Butler
Whitner and Greg Carlin
Kim Carlson and Jeanne Graham
Linda and Don Cantway
Mary Carney
Linda Casner
Debora Castro
Betsy Chase
Noel Christoper
Sally Claassen and Mark Darlington
Sharon and Mitch Clementson
Edward Conjura
Elizabeth Conway
Karen Copeland
Linda and Claude Corkadel
Nick Crespi
Linda Cullen
Karen Dawson
Nicole DeBoom
Larry Desjardin
Gayle Dudley
Dana and Ryan Duran
Sally Dworsky
Susan and James Elkins
Lori Elliott
C.K and Virginia Erickson
Sarah Faulkner
Katie and Van Fletcher
Charlene and William Forbes

Katharine Francis
David Franzel
Marda Frazer
Harriet Freiberger
Paul Gale
Kendall and Chapman Geer
Sandi Gibson and Tom Scrimgeour
Sandra Goggin
Paula and Dr. Jay Goldberg
Deborah Gooding
Stephanie and Mark Gossman
Wayne Gray
Elissa Greene
Jen and Scott Grosjean
Ted Grossman
Vicky and Rod Hanna
Heidi Hannah
Sue K. Hansen
Anne Hanson
Amy Harris
Helen Harrison
Marian Hawley
Molly Hayes
Sarah Healy
Joan Heimbach
Lindsay and Luc Hibbs
Dimmye and David High
Amy Hill
Anita Hoffman
Jane Howell
Carlos Izquerido
Sara Jarrett
Frances Jenkins
Mary Johnston
Bob Justice
Anette and Ted Kahn
Pam and Matt Karzen
Ann Keating
Craig Kennedy
George Kentner
Kyle and Whitney Kim
Erin and Jim Kissane
Pat Komor
Juergen Kuhmann
Melrose and Bob Kuusinen
Jean and Hud Labaree
Mary and Doug Labor
Chloe and Elliott Lawrence
Jewell Lee and Fred Minter
Susie Leeson
Tiffany Leeson
Caroline Lewis
Dustin Lindahl
Annabeth Lockhart
Christina and Kerry Lynch
Charlie Macarthur
Carol and Willy Markowitz
Ren and Heather Martyn
Kori McClurg
Kathi and Jim Meyer
Matt Michalski

Mark Minnear
Kathy and Stewart Mitchell
Matt Mleziva
Liam Moore
Tiffany and Todd Moore
Megan Moore-Kemp
Leslie Morace
Sandra Morrison
Jim Moylan
Georgianne Nelson
Mike Nelson
Andrew Niquette
Terry Nolan
Mary Beth Norris
Susan Oehme
Susanna and Paul Orzech
Samantha and Brent Pearson
Susan and Billy Petersen
Janis and Richard Petry
Charis Petty
Ralph Pickett
Daniella and Skyler Place
Valerie Powell
Deb Proper
Jon Quinn
Roger Reynolds
Emilie Rogers
Greg and Laurie Romberg
Lynn Ross-Bryant
Jessica Ryan
Kathie Sack
Rebecca Schmidt
Scott Schwarz
Elizabeth Searle
Janet Selbe
Victor Serafy
Betty Shea
Jen and Kerry Shea
Carol Shikles
Annamarie and Peter Shunny
Jenny and Todd Siefkin
Darcy and Caleb Simon
Diana Simon
Heather and Erik Skinner
Peter and Heather Sloop
Nancy and Jim Spillane
Dancy St. John
Sandy St. Clair
Carl Steidtmann
Katherine Steinberg
Reed Stephenson
Paul and Arianthe Stettner
Kara Stoller
Mary Beth and Eric Strotbeck
Nancy Such
Sue SwainMichele Thomas
Lori and Danny Thompson

George Tolles
Marian Tolles
Jane Toothaker
Sureva Towler
Noah Townsend
Steve Traudt
Pam Treanor
Dana and Matt Tredway
Jeff Troeger
Lana Turner
Gretchen Van De Carr
Peggy Van Vliet
Lynda VanTassle
Andy Volk
Gina Walker
Deane and Robert Weiss
Larry Wennogle
Nancy Westphale
Dave Whittingham
Kathleen and Randy Williamson
Adam and Mary Wilson
Catherine Winsten
Marie Winter
Betsy and Simon Wood
Sandy Wood
Karen and Brian Wray
Lindsay Yates
Kathy Yeiser
Andrew Zaback
Jeanne and Len Zanni
James L. Zimmerman
Aspen Tree Service
Benevity Community Impact Fund
BOK Financial Private Wealth
Central Park Management Inc.
Charities Aid Foundation
Christy Sports Gondola Store
Colorado Center Pediatric
Corner Booth Media
Dillingham Family Foundation
Dresen – Davidson Family Fund of the Yampa Valley Community Foundation
Gecko Landscpaing
Go Alpine
Hog Island Boat Works
Master Carpet Care
Midwest Electric
Pet Kare Clinic
State Farm Companies Foundation
Steamboat Lightscapes
Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association
Steamboat Tennis and Pickleball
Vertical Arts

In Kind

Lyons Corner Drug
Snow Country Nursery
Steamboat Whiskey
Storm Peak Brewing Company
The Mountain Chef
Tread of Pioneers Museum
Yampa Sandwich Company

Kids Who Love the Pool

Sophie and Kaya Conjura
Della Duax
Zoe Elkins
Jada Townes
Isabelle Whitaker