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Child Swim Goggle Recommendations

Jul 14, 2021 | Uncategorized

Wearing swim goggles is important step in learning to swim. It helps prevent eye burning due to chlorine, but also builds confidence when your child can see underwater. Our Aquatics Director, Mark vonSchondorf, compiled this list of recommended swim goggles so that your child can visit Old Town Hot Springs and get right to swimming!


Aqua Sphere Seal

Age 3-8
Speedo Skoogle
Why we like it: Simple, durable, fun tie dye colors, smaller lens to fit children’s faces.

Age 3+
Aqua Sphere Seal
Why we like it: Large gasket that goes around your eye socket instead of in it.

Age 6-14
Speedo Junior Hydrospex
Why we like it: Simple, cool patterns, great for the in-between sizes that can’t fit quite fit an adult goggle yet.

Age 6-14
Speedo Junior Vanquisher
Why we like it: Competitive style google, not right for all children, but works well with hard to fit faces that aren’t comfortable in Junior Hydrospex as it come with four different width nose pieces.

Awesome Accessory
Why we like it: This is a large neoprene double strap that fits behind a swimmers head ensuring that the goggles never come off in the pool by accident.