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Swimming Gift Guide

Jul 14, 2021 | Uncategorized

We pulled together a list of awesome and well-tested gifts for the swimmer in your life, based on the recommendations of those who know swimming best; our staff! Happy holidays!


My dad was the original manufacturer of the speedo swimming goggles. He owned a plastic injection molding company in British Columbia, Canada called Highland Manufacturing Company. My brothers and I all swam competitively at an early age and would come home after practice with bright red chlorine eyes for the rest of the day. To help us and our swimmer friends combat ” the famous swimmer red eyes” my dad started designing and making swim goggles. He would bring sample goggles home for us at night and we would glue on the rubber gaskets and then bring to swim practice the next morning to try them in the water. He went on to be the world manufacturer of all the Speedo and Arena swim goggles in the 70’s and 80’s. – Patti Worsley, OTHS Steamboat Springs Swim Team Head Coach

Pro tip: I don’t like wearing contacts, especially in the water, but I still want to see the time clock and what’s going on around me without squinting. I like the classic Speedo Vanquisher model, but with prescription lenses. They’re only a few dollars more than the non-prescription model. – Grace Deacon, OTHS Aquatics Manager


As someone who spends a ton of time outdoors year-round, I love this excellent EltaMD facial sun screen. It was recommended to me years ago by one of our regular lap swimmers, Ron, and I know that a lot of other dedicated swimmers swear by it too. – Mark vonSchondorf, OTHS Aquatics Director



This Speedo Large 35L Teamster Backpack is perfect for carrying everything one needs to bring to the pool for a work out – paddles, fins, kickboard, towel, cap, goggles, water bottle, and a change of clothes. – Audrey Earley, Steamboat Springs Swim Team Coach



For Après swim, I tend to like microfiber towels as they absorb moisture quickly and are not too bulky to carry to the pool. I also use a microfiber towel to help my hair dry faster. I am a curly girl so I use the Deva Curl towel. – Roberta Smith, OTHS Board of Directors



My must have swim accessory are two pair of great fitting googles: one tinted or mirrored for the many sunny days we have and a clear pair for when I swim at 0’dark thirty! I really like the Aquasphere Kayenne as they have a small and a regular fit. I have a very narrow bridge and eye spacing, so many brands don’t work for me. The smalls in the Aquasphere fit me well, are very comfortable and leave less of a goggle mark than my Speedo goggles. They also have a wide field of vision so they are great for open water swimming. – Karen Waeschle, OTHS Board of Directors


Swim Team parka

For swim team members, our parents often purchase our Steamboat Springs Swim Team parka. The parka can be personalized with their name on it as well. – Patti Worsley, Steamboat Springs Swim Team Head Coach


Swim Fins

These TYR Hydroblade Fins are suitable for a medium to wider foot. The heel strap design prevents the swimmers from feeling restricted when they kick. They are durable and comfortable on the foot and help the swimmers to create a natural flow to their flutter or butterfly kick. Priced at just under $50. – Patti Worsley, Steamboat Springs Swim Team Head Coach



For swimming around the holidays I love wearing holiday themed bathing suits. Dolfin Uglies do a good job of keeping up with fun prints for many occasions! – Roberta Smith, OTHS Board of Directors


Agility Paddles

The FINIS Agility Paddles strapless design effortlessly teaches swimmers the correct palm positive position for every stroke. – Audrey Earley, Steamboat Springs Swim Team Coach


US Masters Magazine Subscription

Maybe the swimmer in your life would like a membership to US Masters Swimming. The membership gives you access to online workouts and you get their fantastic “Swimmer” magazine which is well written and I anticipate its arrival every month. They even have challenges you can participate in and I find it all around motivational. – Roberta Smith, OTHS Board of Directors


Gift Card

Don’t forget that correctly learning the fundamentals are so important when teaching your young child to swim. Give the gift is swimming this season with a OTHS gift card that can be used for swim lessons throughout the year. I cannot wait to get my 3 year old into the pool with a true professional this spring! Gift cards can be purchased at the Front Desk. P.S. Swim lessons are not just for kids, we offer adult lessons too! – Vanessa Cory, OTHS Marketing Director