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Importance of Hydration

Jul 15, 2022 | Health & Wellness Inspiration, Homepage, Uncategorized

Importance of HydrationBeyond sports nutrition bars and sufficient rest, the most important thing you can do to make your time at the gym healthy, safe, and productive is to stay properly hydrated. Staying hydrated is about more than simply drinking a sufficient volume of water. It’s also about replacing important vitamins and minerals in our bodies to allow our muscles to perform and recover properly.

This is why Old Town Hot Springs is now offering Honey Stinger Rapid Hydration Mixes available for sale in the lobby. These flavored drink mixes help restore electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals quickly before, during, or after exercise.

“Honey quickens the absorption rate,” said Deirdre Pepin of Honey Stinger. “The hydration drink mix gets electrolytes into your system fast.”

If you are the type of person that struggles to stay hydrated, the Honey Stinger hydration stick packs can deliver the vitamins and minerals you need in the form of a chuggable fruity beverage. Simply pour a packet into your reusable water bottle, mix, and enjoy.

Hydration and Exercise At Altitude:

“People have a hard time staying hydrated at elevation. When you add activity, performance, fitness, or competition on top of that, it’s even more of a challenge,” said Pepin. “Gym-goers are often trying to fit their workouts into their busy lives and may not remember to grab a water bottle and bring it with them to hydrate before, during, and after.”

Living at altitude makes hydration during exercise all the more important. We are exposed to drier air, more direct sunlight, and less oxygen than our sea-level counterparts. It’s common to see residents toting around large reusable water bottles, even for simple daily activities like running errands. Visitors are highly encouraged to start drinking more water before they arrive in Steamboat and to maintain proper consumption throughout their entire visit.

Signs of Dehydration:

There are many signature signs of dehydration that should serve as a warning that it is time, and in fact, past time to refuel on water and electrolytes, especially during athletic activity. As the old axiom goes, by the time you are experiencing symptoms you are already substantially dehydrated. Use a Honey Stinger hydration drink mix to recover quickly if you begin experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Headache and fatigue
  • Lightheadedness, dizziness, and weakness
  • Feeling thirsty or parched
  • Muscle cramps

Especially during exercise, muscle cramps can be an indication that you are lacking electrolytes. “The human body performs every day, all day no matter the activity,” said Pepin. “You could be on a stair climber, doing construction, or selling retail, but you’re still at altitude and your body is still functioning. It needs hydration to stay healthy.”

Hydration and the Hot Springs

Many visitors and residents might not realize the importance of hydration while soaking in the local natural hot springs. These relaxing pools reach temperatures just over 100 degrees and can lure soakers to steep in their mineral-rich waters for hours at a time. Despite the fact that you are not exercising and are sitting in a pool of water, your body is actually losing hydration during your soak. While imperceptible to most guests, you are actually sweating in the hot water and losing moisture and electrolytes.

“Most people don’t realize how important hydration is when they come to Routt County, especially when they sit in the hot springs,” said Pepin. “They are probably focusing on the landscape and unique experience and not thinking about how soaking affects their bodies’ muscles, organs, and systems.”

For any duration of soak in the hot springs, it is highly recommended to bring a reusable water bottle to help keep you hydrated. Soakers at Old Town Hot Springs can grab a Honey Stinger hydration drink mix from the lobby before they enter the hot pools to avoid leaving feeling zapped.

“Hydration is a full-time job and you have to be strategic,” said Pepin. “Stay healthy, stay hydrated for your workout or your visit.”